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The Biblical Archaeologist


Tell el-Fül, by Paul W. Lapp      2
The First Excavations at Tell es-Sa idiyeh, by James B. Pritchard     10
Archaeologieal News from Jordan     17

Teil el-Ful
PAUL W. LAPP, Director
The American School of Oriental Research. Jerusalem
To follow up on the exeavations of Professor W. F. Albright in 192223 and 1933 (BA, XXVII [19641, 52-64), and to salvage additional archaeological material while the site was still available for excavation, the American Sehool of Oriental Research in Jerusalem jointly with Pittsburgh Theological Seminary undertook a campaign at Tell el-Ful (Gibeah of Saul) from May 4 to June 13, 1964. Three areas were excavated: a trench was taken from the west against the northwest corner of what Albright considered the southwest tower of the Fortress of Saul; a considerable area to the north of this tower was excavated to bedrock near the western edge of the summit; and on the eastern edge of the summit another, larger, area was cleared to bedrock directly north of that area cleared by Albright in 1933.
The west trench against the southwest tower revealed the tower's foundation trench which contained pottery of the post-Philistine phase of Iron I. Strata lying against the buttressing of the west face of the tower contained the same pottery and should be considered a repair during its Iron I use. The ceramic chronology of this period is not precise enough

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The Biblical Archaeologist