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The Biblical Archaeologist


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Fresh Evidence for the Philistine Story, by G. Ernest Wright      70
Philistia under Assyrian Rule, by Hayim Tadmor      86
Announcemcnt and Recent Baks Received     103
Fresh Evidence For The Philistine Story
Harvard University
In the BA for 1959 the writer reviewed some of the archaeological eyidence which has brought the Philistines into clearer historical focus.' The article, entitled "Philistine Coffins and Mercenaries," drew especially upon recent work by Dr. Trude Dothan, whose fortheoming book an these intriguing people of antiquitt' represents the first attempt to bring together all of the archaeological eyidence in a critical study. The story now may be reconstructed somewhat as follows.
During the course of the vast disruptions and movements of peoples toward the end of the 13th century and during the 12th century B.C., the whole ancient world was in turmoil. The great empires of the Hittites in Anatolia and the Myceneans in Greece, for example, were brought to an end by forces unknown. Out of the wreekage of that world there suddenly appeared along the southeast Mediterranean littoral, a people whom the Egyptians called the "Sea Peoples." On the walls of the temple of Rameses III (ca. 1175-1144 B.C.) at Medinet Habu in Upper Egypt the Pharaoh shows them attempting to storm his realm by Land and by sea. He Claims their defeat, but says nothing of what disposal he made of them.
It is clear that these strange people were seeking a new homeland and could not go back whence they came. Biblical tradition recalls them as settled along the southern coastal plain during the 12th and 11th centuries

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The Biblical Archaeologist