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The Biblical Archaeologist


The Household Camps of Palestine in New Testament Times, by Robert H. Smith     2
Wilson's Arch Revisited, by Williani F. Stinespring     27
Concerning an American Schals Publication     36

The Household Lamps of Palestine in New Testament Times
(Third in a three-part series
The College of Wooster
The era of the New Testament falls within the brief span of the Early Roman period of Palestinian history, which began about the time when Herod the Great took the throne in 37 B.C.' and ended with the destruction of Jerusalem at the end of the Second Jewish Revolt in A.D. 135. This period, especially in its earlier decades, has often been called "Herodian," since members of the dynasty founded by Herod (who died in 4 B.C.) continued—under Roman superyision—to rule some parts of Palestine down to the end of the first century A.D. It was an era characterized not by a sharp eultural departure from the preceding period but rather by a gradual and somewhat erratic replacement of Hellenistic elements with Roman ones, a process whieh was not eomplete by the end of the period.

Heft, 39 Seiten. Verlag: published by the American Schools of oriental Research 126 Inman Street Cambridge, mass..

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The Biblical Archaeologist