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The Biblical Archaeologist


The Kingdom of Ugarit, by A. F. Rainey     102
Archaeological News and Views     125

The Kingdom of Ugarit
Tel Aviv University
The mound of Ras Shamra ("Fenel Head"), located eight miles north of Latakia on the Syrian coast, continues to yield its treasures to the excayator's spade. Since his first expedition in the spring of 1929, Professor C. F. A. Schaeffer, director of La mission archeologique de Ras Shamra, has proyided the archaeologieal world with new surprises eyery season; and these haye been truly important contributions to the study of antiquitt'. The ancient City whose ruins lie buried in Ras Shamra was known as Ugarit, and its local language is now called Ugaritic. The relationship of this newly discoyered tongue to the rest of the Semitic family and the light shed by Ugaritic literature on the Old Testament milieu haye gained far more attention than most other aspects of Ugaritology. Howeyer, the fruits of Professor Sehaeffer's excayations also comprise a welcome and yaluable addition to our knowledge of history and society in north Syria during the Late Bronze age.'

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The Biblical Archaeologist