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The Biblical Archaeologist


Ezion-geber, by Nelson Glueck      70
The Biblical ScrolLs from Qumran and the Text of the Old Testament, by
Patrick W. Skehan      87

Hebrew Union College — Jewish Institute et Religion
Y ears ago, President Glueck wrote three articles on Ezion-geber: Elath for the B.A. Since that time, as he makes clear below, new information pertaining to the Interpretation of the remains has come to light. Since the "smelter" there has found its way into many of the standard textbooks in biblical archaeology. Glueck's new ideas on the matter are extremely important, and they demonstrate a capacity to change cherished convictions gracefully. Since scholars will want to trace Glueck's shift, uze have left the rather fall documentation in the footnotes intact. — Ed.
The first one to suggest the identification of Ezion-geber with Teil el-Kheleifeh was Fritz Frank.' The small low mound is located approximately in the center of the north shore of the Gulf of Aqabah, midway between Jordanian Aqabah at its east end and Israeli Eilat at its west end. It is about 500 yards from the actual shoreline today and may haye been some 300 yards or more seyeral millennia ago. For all praetieal purposes it is possible to say that the shoreline has experienced no great change since

Heft, 39 Seiten. Verlag: published by the American Schools of oriental Research 126 Inman Street Cambridge, mass..

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The Biblical Archaeologist