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The Biblical Archaeologist


Gezer in the Land and in History, by H. Darrell Lance     34
Excavations at Gezer, by William G. Dever     47
Gezer in the Tell el-Amarna Letters, by James F. Ross     62
Recent Books Received     71

Gezer in the Land and in History
colgate Rochester Divinity School
Few of the mounds of Palestine can Claim a more splendid natural setting than the mound of Gem. The hill itself (Fig. 2) which the teil crowns does not especially impress the approaching visitor; it is neither as high nor as large as its neighbor to the south. Only when he reaches the summit of the mound and turns to look at the plain from which he has just climbed does the visitor begin to understand why Gezer was one of the chief Cities of pre-Roman Palestine. For Gezer is built on the northernmost ridge of the Shephelah, the low hills of EoCene limestone which stretch from here to the south along the western flank of the Judean highlands; and although the top of the mound rises only 200-300 feet above the surrounding plain, there are higher hills only to the south of it.' Consequently the view from the top is truly magnificent—practically unobstruCted for miles in the other three directions.
High on the eastern horizon are the heights of the central ridge with the coniCal hill where Kiriath-Jearim was located easily distinguishable; a few miles beyond, out of sight, is Jerusalem. At the foot of the hills lies the opening of the valley of Aijalon to the north of the promontory where stands the modern monastery of Latrun.

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The Biblical Archaeologist