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The Biblical Archaeologist


The Necropolis from the Time of the Kingdom of Judah at Silwan, Jerusalem,
by David Ussishkin      34
The Excavation South and West of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem: The Herodian Period, by Benjamin Mazar      47
Paul W. Lapp: In Memoriam      60
The New Organization of ASOR      63

The Necropolis from the Time of the Kingdom of Judah
at Silwan, Jerusalem
Tel Aviv University
One of the impressive archaeological remains from the period of the First Temple in Jerusalem, when the City was the capital of the kings of the house of David, is the necropolis situated within the arca of the presentday village of Silwan. The existence of the necropolis had been known for mang years, and various tombs teere studied by distinguished scholars, primarily C. Schick, C. Clermont-Ganneau, A. Reifenberg, N. Avigad and recently S. Loffreda. In spite of its importance, however, a general systematic study of the necropolis was not carricd out until last year. The reason for this is, perhaps, to be sought in the hostile nature of tbe villagers. Already in the 19th century their notoriety had spread among European travelers and scholars in Jerusalem. C. Warren, for example,wrote in 1876,

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The Biblical Archaeologist