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Astronomy, englische Zeitschrift

4/1998, Dying in Style

Great Discoveries
In the 25 years since Astronomy first appeared, new findings haue radically changed astronomers' view of the cosmos.
Stars' Last Gasps
Hubble takes a dose Look at what happens to sunlike stars when they reach the end of their lives. Robert Naeye.
Wanted: Life-Bearing Planets
Having found a cornucopia of large planets in our galaxy, astronomers are now debating how best to search for more Earthlike ones. DougMclnnis.
Larger than Life
The untimely death of David Schramm took from us one of the world's top theoretical cosmologists. Rex Graham.
Hollywood: A Full Moon in Every Plot
Twinkling stars and loud explosions abhor the vacuum of space — except in the minds of moviemakers. Philip Plait.
When the Apple Falls
Astronomy, physics, and mathematics were changed forever by a troubled genius — Sir Isaac Newton. Rosemary Sullivant.
Deep-Sky Splendors: Ursa Major
Home to the famous Big Dipper star group, Ursa Major also harbors a bevy of bright galaxies. Tom Polakis.
Ask Astro
We answer your questions about the sky and the universe.
CCD Cameras Get Savvy
The easy-to-use ST-7 and ST-8 are well-rounded imagers that offer a nifty seif-guiding feature. Gregory Terrance.
Where Stars Are Born
If you're up for a challenge, bunt down these stellar nurseries in distant galaxies with a medium-sized scope. Richard Jakiel.

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Astronomy, englische Zeitschrift