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Sky & Telescope (english)


,Front-Cover Photo,Radio Telescope,"Cook, Lynette",
,Spectrum,A Death in the Family,"Robinson, Leif J.",
Focal Point,Respecting Mauna Kea,"Peek, Tom",
News Notes,Radio Astronomers Wary As Iridium Service Nears,,
News Notes,The Eagle Nebula's Extragalactic Twin,,
News Notes,Seeking Supernova Precursors,
News Notes,How Jupiter's Rings Are Generated,
Mission Update,Mission Update,"McDowell, Jonathan"
,Feature,The Moon Rediscovered,"Foust, Jeffrey A."
Feature,The Chance of Finding Aliens: Reevaluating the Drake Equation,"Schilling, Govert"
,Feature,SETI Searches Today,"LePage, Andrew J.","MacRobert, Alan M."
Feature,Box: SETI Effectiveness Compared,"LePage, Andrew J.","MacRobert, Alan M."
Feature,Habitable Moons,"LePage, Andrew J.",
,Feature,Box: Zones of Habitability,"LePage, Andrew J.",
Feature,25 Hot New Products of 1998,,
Feature,Meteors That Changed the World,"Schaefer, Bradley E.",
,New Product Showcase,New Product Showcase,,
,Computers in Astronomy,Confronting the Year 2000,"Goldman, Stuart J.",
,Computers in Astronomy,"Astronomy Online: E.T., Login, Please","Goldman, Stuart J.",
Books & Beyond,"40 Nights to Knowing the Sky, by Fred Schaaf","Chester, Geoffrey R.",
,Books & Beyond,"Seeing Stars: The Night Sky Through Small Telescopes, by Chris Kitchin and Robert W. Forrest","Roth, Joshua",
Books & Beyond,Software Update,"Mosley, John E."
,Rambling Through the Skies,Starry Fish in the Firmament,"Krupp, E. C."
Guide to the Evening Sky ,Lines in the Water of Time,"Schaaf, Fred"
,Guide to the Evening Sky ,Northern Hemisphere's Sky,
Guide to the Evening Sky ,Binocular Highlight,"MacRobert, Alan M."
,Guide to the Evening Sky ,"The Sun, Moon, and Planets in December","Schaaf, Fred"
Guide to the Evening Sky ,The Near Sky: A Mystery Haze,"Schaaf, Fred"
,Guide to the Evening Sky ,Southern Hemisphere's Sky,"Schaaf, Fred"
,Celestial Calendar,A Dwarf Nova Near M31,
,Celestial Calendar,December's Generous Geminids,"Roth, Joshua"
Celestial Calendar,Last-Minute Leonid Alert,
,Celestial Calendar,Calendar Notes,
,Celestial Calendar,SkyWise: Latest Sunrise Earliest Sunrise,"Ryan, Jay"
,Observer's Log,Another Approach to Drawing Planets,"Chaffee, Dan"
,Observer's Log,Observer's Notebook: Sunrise Annularity,"Seronik, Gary"
Telescope Techniques,Custom Trailer for a 17 1/2-inch Scope,"Thurlow, William"
Telescope Techniques,Joys of a Telescope on a Deck,"Silvestri, Larry",,
,Astro Imaging,True-Color CCD Imaging,"Kelly Al, Richard Berry","Grafton, Ed","Shaw, Chuck"
,Gallery,Large Magellanic Cloud,"Gleason, John",,

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