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Sky & Telescope (english)

10/1998, Birthing Planetary Nebulae

Front-Cover Photo,Cat's Eye Nebula,
Spectrum,By the Light of the Moon,"Robinson, Leif J."
Focal Point,A Wide-Field View from the Bridge,"Green, Jane E."
Letters,Taurus the Ram and Aries the Bull?,"Harris, Ray"
News Notes,Snapshots of the Earliest Galaxies?,
News Notes,The Changing Face of America's Planetariums,
News Notes,Second-Guessing a Black Hole's Spin,
Mission Update,Mission Update,"McDowell, Jonathan"
,Feature,Stellar Metamorphosis,"Kwok, Sun"
,Feature,The Dynamic Lives of Globular Clusters,"Djorgovski, S. George"
,Feature,The Journey Back to the Source,"Dressler, Alan M."
,New Product Showcase,New Product Showcase,
,Astronomical Computing,Software And Chart Synthesis,"Goldman, Stuart J."
Computers in Astronomy,Astronomy Online: Cruising the Club Scene,"Goldman, Stuart J."
,Books & Beyond,"The Dobsonian Telescope, : A Practical Manual for Building Large Aperture Telescopes, by David Kriege and Richard Berry","Vogt, John"
Books & Beyond,"The Deep Sky: An Introduction, by Philip S. Harrington","Abrams, Bernard"
,Books & Beyond,"Skywatching, by David Levy","Mosley, John E."
,Amateur Astronomers,Our Cataclysmic-Variable Network,"Patterson, Joseph O."
,Amateur Astronomers,StarDate Turns 20,
,Amateur Astronomers,Star Trails: Mapper of the Sky,"Levy, David H."
,Rambling Through the Skies,Pioneer Spirit,"Krupp, E. C."
Guide to the Evening Sky ,Crisp Nights and Sparkling Skies,"Schaaf, Fred"
,Guide to the Evening Sky ,Northern Hemisphere's Sky,
,Guide to the Evening Sky ,Binocular Highlight,"MacRobert, Alan M."
,Guide to the Evening Sky ,"The Sun, Moon, and Planets in October","Schaaf, Fred",
,Guide to the Evening Sky ,The Near Sky: Halos of Unusual Radius,"Schaaf, Fred",
Guide to the Evening Sky ,Southern Hemisphere's Sky,"Schaaf, Fred",
Celestial Calendar,A Surprise October Meteor Shower,"Rao, Joe",
,Celestial Calendar,Giacobinid Showers Past and Present,,
Celestial Calendar,Looking Ahead,,
Observer's Log,Le Verrier's Wild Geese,"Sheehan, William","Dobbins, Thomas A."
,Observer's Log,Bird Watching,"Dobbins, Thomas A.",
Observer's Log,Observer's Notebook: A Changing Jovian Landscape,"Roth, Joshua",
,Telescope Making,Tele-Tips,"Matthies, Fred",
,Telescope Techniques,Pipe Mount and Storage Rack for a C90,"Lerner, Charles",
,Gallery,Scorpius-Ophiuchus Region,"Rhemann, Gerald","Kersche, Franz"

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