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Sky & Telescope (english)

4/1999, mars in Focus

A Master Plan for Mars
NASA has gotten serious about exploring the red planet, with plans to send spacecraft there every two years throughout the next decade.
By Leonard David
Visions of Mars
See the red planet as you've never viewed it before
through the trained eyes of a planetary geologist. By Michael C. Malin
Microbes in a Martian Meteorite? An Update an the Controversy
In August 1996 NASA researchers said they had found possible signs of fossil bacteria in a rock from Mars. Since then the rock has been the focus of intense study, and proof seems ever more elusive.
By Allan Treiman
A Pair of High-Performance Maksutovs
When it comes to price and optical quality, these Russian catadioptric telescopes are an outstanding value.
S&T Test Report By Alan Dyer
Wishful Thinking
What do you want your astronomical software to do today? Astronomical Computing By Stuart J. Goldman
Comet Awards and Their Social Impact
Droves of amateurs probe the depths of the sky every clear, moonless night in search of comets and a shot at fame and fortune.
Amateur Astronomers By Stephen James O'Meara
i The Colors of Mars: Reality and Illusion
Red, orange, brown: just what color is the red planet? Observer's Log By Thomas Dobbins and William Sheehan
A Flying Dobsonian
Can a large-aperture Dobsonian telescope really fly? If it's lightweight and compact it can.
Telescope Techniques By lack Gelfand Rambling Through the Skies
Blaming the Moon. By E. C. Krupp
Sky & Telescope's Guide to the Sky
New Beginnings • Northern Hemisphere Sky Map Binocular Highlight: U and V Hydrae • Sun, Moon, and Planets • Southern Hemisphere Sky Map
The Red Planet Is Back
Mars is now bigger and brighter than it's been in almost a decade. Our observing guide tells you all you need to know. By Daniel M. Troiani
Comet LINEAR's Odd Motion
Currently near the celestial pole is a telescopic comet that will slow to a stop — literally.
By Roger W Sinnott
Crescent Moon and Aldebaran
The year's most spectacular lunar occultation for the Midwest and West takes place Sunday evening, April 18th.
By Jay Ryan

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